Vicars of Turkdean 1289-2024

We have a record of Vicars and Rectors of Turkdean stretching back to Robert of Bourton’s appointment in 1289.

For many years (centuries!) the presentation to the living was held by the Honour of Wallingford and subsequently by the Honour of Ewelme, briefly, before transferring to Christ Church, Oxford after the Reformation.

The tradition of a resident priest in the village was broken in 1948 when the living was united with Farmington and then, instead, united with Cold Aston and Notgrove in 1965 after which the right to the presentation to the living was transferred to the Bishop and Turkdean was joined with seven other parishes in the Benefice of Northleach, where the Parish’s Priest-in-Charge is now based.

1289Robert de Bourton
1341Thomas Tchufflege
1400William Davy
1426John Wakefield
1436Roger Gibbis
1438John Rutherford
1440William Freeman
1465John Heddington
1468Thomas Hebbynton
1470John Jeffe
1488William Lavender
1501Maurice Jones
1532Joseph Gunter
1534John Coventry
1534John Sukehouse
1572Gwyther Hudson
1633John Dutton / Thomas Wild (disputed)
1643John Lewis
1654Thomas Wild (restored)
1673Toby ???
1681Thomas Price
1704George Res
1751Henry Massey
1757Thomas Bowen
1798George Illingworth
1807George Hornsby (1780-1837)
1837Frederick Biscoe (1808-1880)
1881John Lechmere Tudor (1851-1925)
1902John Nowell Barton (1851-1924)
1904GHB Greening
1918Frederick Shellard
1938Marianus Hay (1866-1953)
1947Geoffrey Graham
1950David Cooper-Rees
1954William Chapman
1965James Hughes
1985Philip Brown
1995Canon David Nye
2006Dick Woodger
2014David Ford
2021Alycia Timmis
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