Faith, tradition and fine music
in the Cotswolds

Discover Turkdean’s rich heritage

All Saints Church, Turkdean, is a beacon of tradition and tranquility in the heart of Cotswolds. This sparsely decorated 12th century Norman church serves a small rural community of just some 50 souls with a schedule of beautiful and uplifting services based around the liturgy of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer adorned by astonishing choral accompaniment of mostly 16th and 17th century music from the Turkdean Choir.

Inspirational simplicity – resonating peace


Fostering togetherness within our tiny village, encouraging connections across our Benefice and Diocese and celebrating the perspectives that visitors from further afield bring to our small rural community.


Preserving and enhancing our 900 year old building, celebrating English ecclesiastical liturgical and musical traditions and appreciating the long roots of a small community that have thrived in these hills since Roman times.


Nurturing spiritual growth and promoting contemplation and spirituality through an appreciation of our sparsely decorated ancient church, traditional liturgy and inspirational music in our beautiful Cotswold setting.

Choir anthem for Quinquagesima Sunday – 11th February 2024
Felice Anerio (1560-1614): Christus factus est

Join Us in

Preserving History and Nurturing Faith


Our unique character

All Saints Church, Turkdean is an ancient, simple and much-loved Norman church that has served this rural Cotswold community for at least 900 years.

Visitors say that this simple interior in its country setting provides a stunning opportunity for quiet contemplation and private prayer.

Our services combine traditional liturgy and astonishing musicality that parishioners and visitors find uplifting and restorative.

Musical Marvels

Immerse yourself in choral masterpieces at our special services that have seen (and heard) performances of Monteverdi, Palestrina and William Byrd in recent years.

Architectural Gem

Explore 900 years of architectural history in this Grade I listed Norman church, where repeated extensions, enhancements and alterations have been blended in to a simple and yet stunningly uplifting church building.
See more about our church building’s architectural heritage.

Peaceful Oasis

The rural tranquility of Turkdean’s location has resonated with visitors since 2nd century Romano-British settlement in our gently rolling Cotswold hills. The remains of a substantial Roman villa overlooking the valley close to the natural springs to the North of the current village centre were excavated by C4’s TimeTeam in 1997.

See our calendar of services for 2024

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